The Design Process


“We empower our customers, to make informed decisions, so the completed project exceed their expectations and they still love it five and ten years down the road. Our real showroom is at every customer’s home!”

-Amir Ilin, President and Founder

Whether it’s a kitchen design, a new walk-in closet or any other room, a new home or a remodel, a small apartment kitchen or a whole house worth of cabinets, our clear and simple process has been perfected since 1986! Our award-winning designers, together with our expert technical team & installers will complete your project on time and on budget. This is how we do it:


  • Meet in our showroom, for a complimentary design consultation, generally 1 to 1-1/2 hours long*.
  • Get to know your Kuche+Cucina designer and partner, in creating your dream kitchen, closet, bathroom or any other room.
  • Tour our beautiful showroom, touch and see real room settings, with products and material options.
  • Tell us all about your ultimate kitchen design, your ‘wish list’, your likes and dislikes. Your Kuche+Cucina kitchen designer will get to know you, your family cooking and entertaining style, so your Kuche+Cucina kitchen will be tailor-made just for you.
  • Together, we’ll review your house plans or room measurements you brought. We’ll look at pictures of the space and your idea scrapbook.
  • Evaluate design options, explore possibilities and discuss your dream design.
  • We’ll discuss cost options and together, we will establish a budget for your project.


  • If you like what you saw and heard in the design consultation and would like our design team, to professionally design your kitchen, closet, bathroom or any other room, we ask for a design retainer of 10% of our estimate (min. $2,500). The design retainer will be deducted in full, from the purchase price, when we place the order.
  • Once retained, we will work off your house plans or visit your home to gather precise measurements and take pictures of the space we are designing.
  • Our design team will create floor plans, elevations and color renderings, utilizing the information you gave us, correct ergonomics and the products you selected.  
  • Meet again in our showroom, to review the design. Based on your input, we will make changes and revisions and finalize the products finishes and materials, all within the budget we established.
  • When you are comfortable with the design and the product selection, we will deduct the design retainer from the purchase price and place the products order.


  • While your new dream kitchen, closet, bathroom or any other room products are being built, our technical department, can complete electric and mechanical plans for your builder or general contractor.
  • We will then schedule the delivery and installation.
  • Our expert installers will complete the installation and put the finishing touches to insure your complete satisfaction.

We want to get it done right, from the start, so we want to ensure that a designer is waiting for you and has the time reserved just for you. For this reason, we work by appointments – making an appointment.


Q: What if we do not reside in the NY Tri State area and would like a Kuche+Cucina design and product?

A: In the past 30+ years, we have designed, supplied and installed numerous kitchens and other products far away from our showroom. From several kitchens a year in Florida, to the islands, Las Vegas, San Francisco, an Indian reservation north of Toronto, Canada(!), to Cape Cod and Tel Aviv, plus many more locations around the US and the world – we have a proven system, that works every time.

Q: “I have a design already, done by my architect/interior designer (or anyone else) – can I just purchase your products?”  Or, “My friend/brother/3rd cousin-twice-removed is a cabinet installer – can I use him/her?”

A: Yes. Obviously, we will help you make sure the design is great (or help you tweak it). Or, assist you in making sure your friend/brother/3rd cousin-twice-removed really knows the work, before they cut down your cabinet in half, but we are perfectly ok with that, as long as you are.

Q: What if I am a land developer/builder/architect/interior Designer/contractor – what can you offer me?

A: A very large portion of our work comes from the trade and for that reason, we have a special program, designed especially TO THE TRADE.

Q: Can Kuche+Cucina supply kitchens and cabinetry for multi-unit project?

A: Our multi-unit division, have supplied cabinets to many condo and rental buildings. From luxury NYC high-rises, to The Plaza Hotel, From Harvard University Architectural School dorms to a luxury building, in Angola, Africa – we have done it all!